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vero / 05.03.2008 11:59
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"King of the Ramp" Mayhem 2008

Words by Chris Cab


Seeing Roman Astleitner, the Initiator of the 5th KOTR, was knocked out half an hour before the Contest started, while clashing with the "D-Train" aka Ferit Batir, it is now on my behalf to write a few words about the Sk8boarding Mini-Ramp-Madness that was going down this past weekend in Wörgl / Tyrol (Austria). Anyway after a brake of some hours but still with a pale face Roman gathered strength and skated in one of the last heats and entered the finals!


Tons of Sk8ers from all over the Globe made their way to Tirol. We had Brazil in the house, Spain, France, Germany, England, Finland, Belgium, Czech Republic and many more including last but not least the Austrian Locals. Holding it up strong all weekend and giving the other shred heads a really hard time. Especially Ferit was making it close to impossible for others to drop in, seeing he was soooo fast, at times, overtaking himself and ending up slamming not so soft but rather hard. Just to name some of the gnarliest tricks that went down: Finger flip Lien to Tail by Danger Dave Martelleur on the insane Oververt Section with Granit Tiles on top, making him take home the Best Trick Award of the Day. Axle stall on the handrail of the big bank by Ferit Batir. Andy Scott with all his entire lines, just so mellow you won't even notice that he was around, but man, when he is on fire, he IS on fire, nailing all his tries sooner or later, going hi to low and cruising surf style, his big stand out for me was the really low to Oververt Smith Bashers! But seriously everyone was on fire and like a good old friend of mine likes to say: Every Heat was a Final... “Death match” Mode was crazy to watch and did include one or the other Head on Slam. But for more info on that ask Asti, not that he could remember (was blacked out for several minutes) but anyway. Either way you look at it, it was a sick weekend, the crowd was stoked and it was surely not the last KOTR we will see! Big up to all the Riders who joined a really fun weekend and thanx to all the present sponsors! Watch out for the Movie of the Mayhem, will/should be out soon to follow. Do not ask me about the Party, some one else will have to tell/write you about that, because now that is where I blacked out bad and do not have memories to tell, but I think the bands were really sick...! So long and see you again next year, if not, only your bad, you sure are gonna miss out... Ahooooooy, Cab - OUT -